Pacientii si reactile lor in urma tratamentelor.



Oamenii care au apelat la serviciile domnului George Ambrus:

Sorin Bejan (sinuzita, afectiuni ale coloanei)

Alexandru Florin ( insomnia , stres)

Irina Nistor (Probleme cervicale)

Valeria Arnautu (interpret)

Ene Florica (Gonartroza activata)

Garjan Sorin (scriitor)

Anamaria Prodan si Laurentiu Reghecampf

Alexandru Pugna (interpret)

Todoran Calin (bucuresti, spondiloza)

Ruxandra Vlad (sinuzita, afectiuni ale coloanei)

Lacramioara Schuller (interpreti opera )

Stefan Schuller  (interpreti opera)

Tibi Schuller (afectiuni ale coloanei, problem cervicale)

Florica Schuller ( probleme de anxietate,stress , insomnia, probleme cervicale ).


       A thought healing hands

     Sleeplessnesses , grave headaches, short sighting, cataracta , conjunctivitis,, arterial high blood pressure, spondylosis , loinsciatica, flebitis, varicoses, anexita, leuchorea, enorezis, breast nodule, sand and affections of locomotor  , gastru-intestinal, ulcer , affections of locomotor apparatus, impotence.

       Are there some more? That is all for the moment but what do all of these men? The readers might ask.

      This is not a simple inventory, for the sake of this it is some more. It is an inventory of affections ,treates by Geo Ambrus, from now on the energotherapeut. George Ambrus from Beclean, Romania, whom I wrote about of, from some years ago in the same journal “The echo”.

Sometimes we are obliged to do it, obliged by his numerous and insisted pacients, who assaults us daily , and after they tell us about illnesses and curing, they insist to publish the story.

       The world has to know , the suffering world , about the hands of the young man George Ambrus who has no need of publicity because his hands did it.

       His hands are gold , but I’m afraid it’s too little to say.

       Healing Hands is the suitable phrase in this case , because his hands cured many affections , even situations in which the doctors didn’t grant any chance.

       The Secret of the energotherapeut is the energetic field very strong put at his disposal by God and by the moving of palms , guiding the energetic flux towards the regions , zones, of the affected organs.

       Ambrus simply manages to remove the “troubled” energy from the sick organism but he George Ambrus asserts that biotherapy is in close connection with the religious faith of his and of his patients .

       Accompanied by pray, this therapy does really wonders and I think now that this would be probable and one of the reasons for what in two fast, the great ones over the year, George Ambrus make’s treatments free of Charge.

Scriitor Aurel Podaru